August 4, 2003.

To "Civil Societies"
To the National and International Press:

I am informing you on various matters as necessary:

1. - Entrance to the party for the death of the "Aguascalientes" and the birth of the "Caracol" of Oventik, on the 8th, 9th and 10th, is free. Meaning that, not only will there be no charge, no special credentials will be necessary either. Reporters only need credentials from the media for whom they work, and "civil societies" only need a picture ID. The police, informers and "intelligence" (ha!) agents will be allowed entrance, but they should fully identify themselves in order to receive the usual condemnation.

2. - According to information in the press, the Cocopa is assuming it will have a meeting with the EZLN on those dates. That is not true. We have no intention of meeting with any member of the political class (nor, of course, have we invited any of them).

3. - On August 3, at noon, Public Security police of the state of Chiapas (30 agents) harassed zapatistas who were working on the rebuilding of the "Caracol" of Morelia, Chiapas.

4. - "Radio Insurgente, the Voice of the EZLN" will be broadcasting on August 9, beginning at 3 PM (southeastern fight front time). Or from 2 PM (Fox time) and from 10 PM UTC (the simple fact is I don"t know what that means, but that"s how radio listeners orient themselves in other countries). The test broadcasts have already met with interference by the supreme government (which has, in addition, already put the "Limite" group up to blocking our signal: do you believe it?). Even so, we"ll broadcast anyway, and, in addition, we"ll be recording the program on CDs, and we"re going to distribute them as if they were flyers offering jobs.

5. - We don"t give a damn about "Mana"s" affairs, and, it goes without saying that they leave us u-n-m-o-v-e-d.

Vale. Salud and batteries (for the radios, you understand).

From the "studios" (ha!) of the slippery dial ("Radio Insurgente," that is).

The Sup, getting in a mess with the cables (chin! Nothing was recorded? No way, va de nuez: Ejem, raincoat...ready! "You are listening to Radio Insurgente, the Voice of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, broadcasting from the mountains of the Mexican Southeast"...chin!...Again? Mmh...Would it be better if I climbed up in a tree and yelled real loud? - sigh -)